March 2011 Update

We now have re-opened substantial amounts of grassland – probably as much as we will be able to continue to manage in the foreseeable future.
Although the larger species rich grasslands are south of Ashlawn Bridge there are other important areas in other parts of the reserve especially between Hillmorton Road and Pytchley Bridge.
We need to keep the corridor between these grasslands reasonably open to promote movement of species and so recent widening and glade enlargement has been undertaken between Pytchley and Ashlawn.
A concern is the quantity of the grasslands that we have got.
A gradual change over the years has meant that we have lost quite large numbers of species, both plants and invertebrates due to enrichment
Grassland has to be worked quite hard to prevent this and the consequent changes taking place.
We are beginning to address the problems of re-invasion by scrub and brambles by using spot applications of herbicide. But more of this needs to be done. The task of raking off is not always completed.