‘Jolly’ Volunteers down the Cutting

Learn about the plans for Jolly’s Field as part of the ‘Healthy Living Walk’ campaign.   Please see Jolly HLW plans.

Working down the Cutting on Sunday morning 20th January were Chairman Steve with Phil and Cyril amongst others. If your garden backs onto this area you might like to know what is afoot.  

We are seeking funding for a ‘Healthy Living Walk’ around what we call Jolly’s field. We will be looking to do all the work before the end of February. We plan to route mark and create a wildflower area, which we will scrape off and seed up. The new path will be made using the chips from the trees that are felled.  We will clear a 10 metre wide swathe through the scrub, dig out a 2 metre wide path and fill it with chips. Thus there will be some machinery on site, hopefully soon creating this new facility.