Stockton Cutting

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March 2013

I’m sure many of you have seen the recent drastic change to the site here over the past few years.  A project was set up between Butterfly Conservation & Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to address problems which have arisen since the closure of the railway.  The cutting had become shaded out causing decline and death of many grassland flowers which tended to be rare.

See for further information.  In particular,  the article dated 21/12/11 about the work completed here.  This shows pictures of the cutting after removal of scrub and trees.  If you go to the cutting today you will see how it is ‘greening up’.  There is also a notice pinned up explaining the project.

Other areas around the cutting have also had work carried out on them, in particularly scrapping the surface.  This has resulted in exposing an interesting seed bank, producing good flora species.  Further work in reducing the scrub and trees has continued over this winter.