‘Jolly’ update

The ‘Healthy Living Walk’ is taking shape.  We have to thank RBC for their hugely generous contribution and support of our efforts, and indeed Dave Whitlock the contractor working in very difficult circumstances with all the wet.  Currently we are waiting for it to dry out a bit more before we move on. Still a few challenges as to how we get the path more friendly to walk on, as we haven’t got any more chips for the present. 

The next step is to sort out the drainage pipes and remove some of the debris, and sort some of the deeper ruts, but all this needs to wait until the ground becomes more manageable, so it maybe a few weeks before there is more activity, and this will likely be manual rather than heavy plant. It will be great when it all starts to green up and look less like a bomb site.

We have obtained funding for wildflower plugs and seed for the Cutting, mainly on Jolly’s Field.  We hope to plant/sow this April/May time which will greatly improve the look and add interest.