Busy in the Cutting


Ashlawn Update 1-12-15 by Phil Parr

Our volunteers have been taking advantage of the recent mild weather over the last month with the aim of finishing the necessary management of the reserves grassland before Christmas.

We’ve finished Section 5 and Short-cut glade just south of Ashlawn Bridge and then had several sessions to cut and clear the abundant growth of the wildflower grassland of Jolly’s Walk and Jolly’s Meadow just south of the old station site.

This proved to be heavy work as the vegetation was so wet, but it is now done and we are really pleased with the result.

We are now working on Section 9 half way between Pytchley and Ashlawn bridges, Steve & Gerry have cut most of it and this just leaves raking off all the cuttings to encourage more wild flower diversity next year.

Some of us have even started working on the reserves hedges.

If you are passing by we are always happy to stop working and chat to explain what we are doing and why. We will be able to tell you of recent wildlife seen on the reserve.

If so minded join us to help.  There is no commitment in doing so other than adhering to advice we may give on safety. See our website for dates.

A woodland regeneration scallop is being is being created by the enthusiastic group of young students from Rugby School just south of Section 9. A dead hedge constructed from the cleared scrub will provide habitat cover for many species and eventually a green hedge will grow within it from seeds dropped by birds and mammals.

You may have noticed the display of wildflowers that popped up naturally in the glade previously cleared.  We were really surprised and pleased with the show but we will let nature take its course in these scallops and they will slowly progress back to woodland. During that time, they will provide lots of nesting opportunities and food for small birds.

Recently seen and heard singing is the lovely Nuthatch, and the Treecreeper is sometimes seen. Also we have reports of Raven being heard in the area.