Proposed Conservation Work

Tomorrow is Benn Street based and we will be working on the Healthy Living Walk area.

Thursday 18th back to tidy up the zig zag path.

After that the next few sessions (Sunday 28th Feb, Sunday 13th March, Thursday 17th March) will all be meeting at Benn Street and either working on the HLW to do some thinning, opening up the ponds near Station Marsh to help the frog breeding, or clearing the ash regrowth off in front of the laid hedge.

Further ahead then I hopefully have Probation Services doing some clearing for us south of Onley Lane and will need a big bonfire down there once they’ve finished and a bit of TLC to finish off the project.

Then probably into April or May we will do some more hawthorn and bramble removal, and top the hedges if the birds let us, from the grassland areas and hopefully start to enjoy the warm sunshine.

Plans from Chairman Steve