Work Parties Back in Action

Work parties have now resumed at the quarry and will run each Tuesday throughout the Autumn/Winter season.

Work has been initially focused on maintaining the existing grasslands that we have. This means cutting the low growth with a brushcutter and saws to reduce overhang from trees and scrub.

The quarry has the potential to support wildflowers thst are not common elsewhere within the open grassland, due to the nature of the soil. Ongoing work will focus on keeping this ground open. This will also require that we eliminate non-native invasive scrub species that have found their way in.

The pictures below give some indication of what we are doing. The grass and scrub cutting has exposed some newts in the scrub along the pathway coming up from the football field. They will be unaffected by our work.

Smooth Newt at Newbold Quarry
Brush cut and rake off to keep nutrient level low for wildflowers
Maintaining an open glade on the path ascending from the football field
Adult swans with their almost matured cygnets