Wildlife Watching in the Garden

Your own garden is a great place to observe wildlife, especially if there is reason for the birds to visit, i.e. good food! It also helps to have some native wildflowers and a little “untidiness” to draw in the invertebrate life.

Ken, one of our volunteers, has been observing the blackbirds in his garden, It is quite clear from the pictures that food is being gathered to take back to the young.

In my own garden in Abbots Farm, I witnessed a very busy session where the Great Spotted Woodpecker was feeding its young at the suet/peanut feeder. By late in the day, the young were feeding themselves. Unfortunately, photographing those moments proved technically tricky, but here are a couple of pictures

Phil’s garden is designed to be wildlife friendly. The pictures show the spectacle of seeing wren chicks being fed in the garden, along with other small birds and invertebrate life.