Hedge Laying Review @ Ashlawn

For the last two winter seasons, new hedge lines have been created and/or restored in two sections of the cutting by dedicated volunteers:

  • Blossom Way Entrance to Little Farm
  • From Onley Land end, on western boundary

The benefits will really show in the future, when the hedge lines grow and thicken. Where gaps existed from the existing material, new plantings have been made to build up the hedge density.

The pictures show the Blossom Way section, after the laying had been completed, before spring emergence of new growth.

YouTube Video links

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This first video shows the Blossom Way hedge, before the emergence of spring growth.

In this second video, you can see how the hedge is developing with spring growth. Growth is much denser where the hedge is in its second season of regeneration.

The Onley Lane section was only started in the latest winter season. Growth is naturally sparse in places, due to the lack of suitably sized and positioned trees for laying. It will improve over time, as the new plantings add so. The video shows the current Spring 2020 status