Ashlawn Update – August 2020

We have been very active in our conservation work since returning from the enforced lock-down. Work has taken place in four key areas.

We have returned to remove regrowth of snowberry (non-native garden escape) and to tackle some that we reached for the first time. This was growing amongst dense bramble. The cleared area will be restored to native flowers and grasses.

Grass cutting has commenced in the Station Meadow and on verges bordering the frog pool and verges alongside Pytchley Marsh. Grass cutting of the primary grasslands will commence in September

We have been working on bringing more light into the main frog pool, by coppicing of large willows and reduction of other scrub around the pool margin. Allowing more sunlight to reach the pool will assist in raising water temperature for the frog breeding season. The pictures give a before and after view. There is more to be done!

The Pytchley Marsh had major growths of Fools Watercress (Apium nodiflorum), resulting n minimal open water remaining. A lot of this has been removed to create open pools, which hopefully improve the breeding prospects for frogs. Right now, water levels are naturally low, so the clearances are not showing their full potential.