Ashlawn Update, October 2020

The grass cutting has been going since last month and with the volume to be completed, will probably keep the volunteers busy on this task until Christmas! This exercise is essential to keep the grasslands open, for the benefit of the wild flowers and grasses that are essential to support the invertebrate life.

We have to spread out the work in the cutting, to ensure that we maintain adequate distancing between volunteers during the coronavirus restrictions. We are fortunate that we can use this time to also work on tree and scrub management, away from where the grass is being cut. A new hedgerow is being created from existing scrub, predominantly hawthorn, adjacent to the main path south of Ashlawn Bridge. The pictures show a completed section

There is limited material to work with, so the hedge initially looks quite thin, With a couple of seasons growth, it will provide an additional valuable habitat. In future seasons, we may well work on cutting back the hawthorn trees immediately behind, to provide a better balance of scrub within the reserve. Smaller birds like to nest within a couple of metres of the ground, in dense cover