Ashlawn Update (2) – November 2020

The volunteer group has made great progress on two fronts – grass cutting and hedge maintenance. We are fortunate to have work that enables the group to spread out to conform with covid-19 distancing requirements, while still having no one left in isolated working.

Grass cutting and rake-off is always a volume activity at this time of year. Several of our group also have a fondness for hedge creation and maintenance, which is also of great benefit to the varied wildlife within the reserve. It is this hedge work that has made significant progress since Autumn started.

The pictures show some examples of work completed and in progress

This new section of hedge is close to the Onley Lane entrance. The ground immediately behind the hedge has been cleared, to hopefully be populated by wildflowers and grasses. This bank will be warmed by the sun and be of great benefit to invertebrate life.

New hedge, with clearance of the scrub immediately behind

Pictures of the Onley Lane glade after cutting and raking.