Ashlawn Grass Cutting 2021

The primary asset of Ashlawn Cutting is its grasslands. They are cut and cleared during the autumn/winter season every year. The cut material is always removed to avoid enriching the soil from the decaying vegetation. The grasslands are then best placed to provide the right environment for native wild flowers and grasses. This then forms the wanted environment to support a diversity of invertebrate life.

The grasslands are mostly bordered by a mix of scrub and mature trees, to give an overall balance to the wildlife benefits of the cutting.

This season, the cutting program is well on target to complete in November, which is earlier than we have managed in previous years. This is despite the vegetation being especially dense this year, due to very favourable growing conditions. One unwanted consequence is that the compost piles have become much higher, providing a good workout for our volunteers. Who needs a gym!

The pictures show the end result of where we have been cutting recently, from the station platform heading south towards Pytchley Bridge. The flat grasslands of Tennis Meadow, Jolly’s Field and the Healthy Living Walk are the sections that remain to be cut.