Hedge boundary to Diamond Jubilee Wood

A group of dedicated volunteers are working on laying a boundary hedge where the cutting, runs alongside the Diamond Jubilee Wood.

The existing tree/scrub stock was not purpose planted for hedging, so the volunteers have to make the best of what is available. This often entails using thicker than desired tree trunks, which are “pleached” to leave a live connection to the rootstock.

The initial results can and do look very patchy, but longer term a much thicker hedge line will develop, which will be very beneficial to wildlife, especially for smaller birds.

Alongside the hedgerow creation, work is taking place to thin out the scrub that lies between the DJW boundary and the main path through the cutting. The combination of both activities results in more sunlight reaching the cutting floor. This will support a more suitable environment for native wild flowers and grasses to grow amongst the remaining trees.

One consequence of the work is the tremendous amount of waste (brash) that is generated. We hope to take advantage of a chipper that WWT own to break down this material. This woodchip will be laid somewhere close by to make another beneficial habitat.

The picture gallery shows some of the work in progress along the hedge and the bare ground on the sides of the cutting. Click on an image to open in a full sized viewer.