Great progress

The volunteer work group has made excellent progress in the first half of the maintenance season, working on two main fronts.

  • Cutting and raking off of the existing grasslands, to provide the best environment for the native wild flowers and grasses
  • Reducing scrub encroachment on the areas adjacent to the maintained grasslands

The aim with scrub control is to cut back on a 3-year cycle. This will keep the scrub low enough to allow other wildflowers to emerge and prosper.

The pictures show the after situation where scrub has been removed. There is also a view of the grassland situated behind where the fishing platform used to be. Taller trees close to the path were previously cut down by Rugby Borough Council, creating a welcome open aspect on this side of the quarry. The volunteers have been brush cutting and moving back the brash piles to further enhance this area.

Open aspect behind site of the former fishing platform
The “after” view following scrub cut-back
The foreground is part of the existing maintained grassland. The scrub has been cut back in the background of the picture
Scrub cut back going up the slope
Grassland below Gun Hill following brush cutting and litter removal