The Canal Glade/Old Orchard Progress

Our conservation work has now completed for the season. Our last few sessions have focused on the area adjacent to the Oxford Canal. There used to be a house sited here and a variety of fruit trees would have been there. Most/all have been lost to the vigorous growth of scrub and ivy. The volunteers have been clearing this ground and will restore to semi-shaded flowering grassland.

The affected site has been partially tackled, but it will take another year or two to make the initial clearance of the scrub and ivy. Where the clearing has been completed, the ground has been seeded with a grass and wildflower mix suited to the semi-shaded conditions

The site is also overshadowed by trees and scrub that grows on the quarry side of the security fence. There is nothing we can do about that, but our efforts will still benefit wildlife and also make the area more visually appealing.

The picture show the approach to the site from the main car park and give a flavour of the dense growth that we have been clearing.