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Hedgerow Completed

On 24th March, another full length of hedge was completed. This has required extensive effort from many volunteers. The original tree line was typically too high and tangled, but the volunteers  made a valiant effort to thin it out and bring it down to workable size.


The pictures show the pleaching of the last standing hawthorns by Martin and Peter.

240318 Last pleach . Swift hedge 2 (2) 240318 Last pleach . Swift hedge 2 (1)

The view will improve in the coming weeks when all the surplus material has been removed and new growth in the hedge emerges.

There is an organised litter pick of the Great Central Walk  between Clifton and Pytchley bridges on Sat 3rd.March. This is the annual one organised by local councillors from Eastlands ward and obviously welcomes all hands!

The meeting point is opposite the church on St.Peter’s Rd and the start time is a relaxed 10:30.
Litter grabs, Hi-Viz and bags will be provided. The skills of the Rugby Wildlife volunteers will be invaluable in scrambling up the banks to pick the litter out of the denser vegetation!

28th Dec report

The snow had brought down many trees but the ones blocking the path have been cleared near Ashlawn bridge. 6 of us turned out in the bright sunshine and got stuck in to making the path walkable once more. An excellent advert for our group and satisfying.
We’ll meet at Ashlawn car park again to carry on tidying up. May walk further afield to cut back some fallers that partially block the path too. Mother nature has helped us with a bit of thinning out so we’ll capitalise on it !!
message from Steve W following Thursday’s workparty

28th Dec report

It certainly was a good work party, the path was impassable South of Ashlawn and difficult to the North. Good that so many walkers could see us in action. There are still partial obstructions but at least the GCWalk is passable through the reserve and all is safe. And all in glorious sunshine.

Pics from yesterday showing both bits after the snow attacked, showing a couple of bits of the blocked path plus a silhouette of what might be some sort of raptor looking over the pony club field.
Report & pics by Steve Wright

Owl Boxes

Here’s our Christmas present to the Owls, 2 potential new nesting boxes.

Due to “circumstances beyond our control” we put one facing into the DJ plantation on a hedgerow Ash tree near to the one on our embankment. Not our land but a good site and something to interest walkers.
Karl Curtis to advise Chris Worman. So also a gift to a walkers in the new “wood”.
Report from Steve Wright

Workparty report

It was a lovely day today (Sunday 12th Nov).  Fresh but sunny and not too much in the way of noisy brushcutters.  A very good turnout with lots to do, a very enjoyable morning.

Report from Margaret

Somebody loves us all!

What a great letter!  Recognition!  In the Observer
 Rugby in Bloom Observer Letter

Hedgehog sightings

2 days after removing trap on F4e we had a WP on F5w near bridge, and a dog walker reported 2 hogs at btm of Z path.

This is  not that far from where the trap was.

Report by Phil Parr

Ashln F5w 15-10-17 PP127 Ashln F5w 15-10-17 PP126

Farewell to chairman Steve

An informal get together was held @ the Fighting Cocks to say a fond farewell to Steve Batt and wife Belinda who are off to pastures new.

All the best from the rest of the local group.

Picture by Phil P

Farewell do for SB 13-10-17 122


Both Steve’s are to be congratulated for their well-deserved Sean Lawson Special Awards for an ‘outstanding contribution to Rugby in Bloom’,

Also, to our Swift Valley team for receiving a Gold yet again

Plus, Ashlawn for Gold and First in the same category.

Official Pics to follow


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