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Bright and early the Network Rail De-Veg team turned up shortly after 7.00 a.m. to prepare for the day in the mist. Fortunately by the time most got going it had turned into a glorious sunny day. There were 28 volunteers in all on site and a huge amount was achieved with the experts using chippers, chainsaws and brushcutters and the rest clearing up and preparing for the chipper.

Absolutely delighted with what they achieved, it would have taken the Group weeks to clear that amount and we now have a fabulous new habitat for wildlife. Huge thank you to Network Rail for a tremendous benefit for our endeavours to make Ashlawn Cutting special for all those who enjoy it now.

Report from Steve Batt


Swiftly Hedging

WOW!!!!! What a fantastic job, I’m amazed at your efforts and achievement today. Well done to you all.  I can’t wait to see the finished job.
Quote form Nev
Yes we were well pleased to have finished this overgrown hedge.There’s plenty of brash to dispose of in the ditch but that can wait for another day. Attached are my pictures taken as we were getting ready to go after a busy day.
Quote from Steve Wright

Froggy February

Ashlawn Frog update 27th Feb

Suddenly after a drab January, half way through February the weather warmed up and a few frogs had been noted crossing local roads on 16th Feb. when the air temperature was just 8.5C.  On the 20th the temperature shot up suddenly to peak at 14.4C.

Maybe this warmed the water slightly as on the 23rd Steve Wright found frogs active in Station Marsh pools and they had already set more than 20 clumps of spawn, and this had increased to 85 by the following day.   Some Frogs were also appearing in Pytchley Marsh.

The weather cooled but despite that the spawn count in Station Marsh pools had increased to 180 by the 27th there was little activity on the rest of the reserve apart from that in Pytchley Marsh and a few at Ashlawn Bridge Flood Pool.

We wait to see which pools are going to be favoured this year as so many changes have taken place with the new path having just been completed. Last year the most favoured pool was Reservoir Pond where they were spawning by 21st Feb. to eventually set 558 clumps there. 2016 proved to be a very good year with 1177 clumps of spawn set on the reserve.

This was the best count since 2008

Tues 28th February 2017   A sunny start to the day, but cold & by late morning rain, making it feel even colder and raw. Higher water level in Station Marsh, frogs out of site, maybe 7 recent clumps of spawn. Ashlawn Bridge flood, 14+ frogs, 8 clumps. No activity elsewhere.

Pictures and report from Phil P.

Odd sightings

200217 Coltsfoot Tussilago farfara. sec.10E Ashlawn (2)This Coltsfoot, tussilago fafara,  flowering where they have spread the mud from the ditch South of Pytchley Bridge. Section 10E. Also, Marsh marigolds are starting to flower.

Some interesting fungi were noticed, below is Ochre Bracket Trametes ochracea  at the Birch Pool.

180217 Fungus Trametes ochracea at birch pool. Ashlawn

Pictures and comments from Steve Wright



A picture of R.B.C.s’ welcome path refurbishment progress near Hillmorton Rd Bridge


Thursday 26-1-17 session hedging at Ashlawn Bridge.

Pictures courtesy Ken Monk & Phil Parr



Ashlawn Fungi

Seen down Ashlawn Cutting recently by Steve Wright & Steve Batt.

Workers in the Meadow

Excellent jobs done today – still some more clearing for next Sunday.

Pictures by Phil Parr.

Path Improvement

Along with RBC and Sustrans, Rugby Branch of WWT has applied for a grant from Veolia, http://www.veolia.co.uk/ to improve the path along the Great Central Way.

Work by RBC has already begun.

Pictures Courtesy Phil Parr.

Ashln B, Path imptovement 21-1-17, PJP 019 Ashln B, Path imptovement 21-1-17, PJP 015

Flail cut

The council have given Tennis Meadow and surrounding area (besides Healthy Living Walk) a flail cut.  This drives our short term work party activities.

Pictures courtesy of Phil Parr.

Ashln D14e Flail cut 12-1-17 PJP 0985 Ashln D14e Flail cut 12-1-17 PJP 0989

Christmas Wishes

card-2016-for-group-greet card-2016-for-group-2-comp

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