The Canal Glade/Old Orchard Progress

Our conservation work has now completed for the season. Our last few sessions have focused on the area adjacent to the Oxford Canal. There used to be a house sited here and a variety of fruit trees would have been there. Most/all have been lost to the vigorous growth of scrub and ivy. The volunteers have been clearing this ground and will restore to semi-shaded flowering grassland.

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Newbold Quarry – Letting the Light In

On the 14th February 2023 a number of ash trees were felled on the southern side of the quarry. The primary purpose is to allow more light in, which will allow the adjacent grassland to support a wider range of native flora. In turn, this will be beneficial to the wider wildlife within the park. It will also make the site more welcoming to the public. The aim is to open out the corridor from where this cut took place through to the Egerton Close entrance. Unfortunately, the second planned cutting session could not take place due to the temporary access closure put in place by Warwickshire Police.

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Great progress

The volunteer work group has made excellent progress in the first half of the maintenance season, working on two main fronts.

  • Cutting and raking off of the existing grasslands, to provide the best environment for the native wild flowers and grasses
  • Reducing scrub encroachment on the areas adjacent to the maintained grasslands
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