February 2020 Update

In the last few weeks, we have been able to focus on scrub and tree management in the reserve. We have cut back the scrub that borders the grassland opposite the zigzag path at Ashlawn Bridge. The subsequent regrowth that we get will give a more layered approach between the grass and the tree line. This new regrowth will be denser, providing a much better environment for small birds. The bare earth beyond the upper line of the grass in the picture shows some of the area that has been cleared.

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Seasonal work continues…….

We have been cutting and raking off the grasslands and verges for the last two months and we still have several weeks until the task is completed for this season. This work is essential to provide the right conditions to support the native grasses and wildflowers that grow throughout the reserve. This is the foundation for the varied invertebrate life that in turn supports the birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians that live here.

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Bird Surveying

There has been some opening up of small rides within the scrub, to provide an opportunity for bird surveying. The birds are caught in a fine net, then assessed, ringed and released. This is all done by experts, who are working alongside our conservation volunteers. Over time, this will gives us a much more precise account of what species we have (and don’t have!). We can direct some of our land management efforts into improving the prospects for birds within the reserve.

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A Walk Through Ashlawn Cutting

This video takes you through the entire length of the Ashlawn Cutting Reserve. You will see examples of the natural delights to be found and some of the volunteers who actively maintain and enhance the site.

Credit goes to Ken Monk, one of our dedicated volunteers, for producing this presentation.