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Hedgehog sighting

Seen lunchtime on the green between Duncan Drive & Alwyn Road, then later in a garden in Duncan Drive drinking from a bird bath on the ground. Best of luck! Jan

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2 pictures of dragonflies seen on a pond in Bilton. The  female Emporer is aviposting (laying eggs).  Male Common Darter is resting on a rock at the side.  Pictures courtesy Jan

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Hiss, hiss!

A Grass Snake seen swimming in a pond in Bilton.  As it was quite long, about 3 feet, it was thought to be a female.  Pic courtesy Jan

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Deer, oh Deer!

A Muntjac has been in a garden in Hillmorton Road the last few days, how did that get over 6’ fences? Phil  

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Hillmorton Road

Picture of the jay in my garden taken in a rush through front room window. by Phil

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Frogs, are they on the move?

Are they heading for the breeding pond? Found outside a garage late last night – could be making his/her way to a pond! Pictures by Bob Elliott

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