Frog Spawning at Ashlawn Cutting

The survey is conducted over two tetrads, where the water course lies within the Ashlawn Cutting. The ultimate aim is to establish the total breeding success rate within the cutting, by counting the number of frogs seen and the overall number of distinct clumps of spawn.

2020 Survey Summary

2020 was a mild winter, with high rainfall. The rainfall pattern was such that water levels fluctuated markedly. Some spawn was laid during a period of higher water, which then drained leaving the spawn to dry. Pytchley Marsh was mostly covered in pond weed, which is probably the result of enrichment from a leaking sewer valve. Frogs avoided most of the marsh, apart from its southernmost end. The first spawn was recorded in Reservoir Pond on 23-2-2020.

Summary Totals of Frog Spawn