Newbold Quarry

Please visit the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust page for a full description of the site.

This site had unfortunately been allowed to slip from regular conservation work for many years. A regular pattern of work parties resumed in February 2019, working during the winter months only.

The original conservation report from 1991 details what was once present on the site and how it could best be maintained in the interests of wildlife. A formal management plan by WWT was drawn up in 2008, but work was not continuously carried out from that time onwards, until the 2019 resumption. So, plenty to do before the site can be restored to its former glory. Images from 2009 to 2013 found here give a taste of the earlier condition of the quarry

The report detailing the work and observations made during 2019 can be read here.

Postings on the latest volunteer work and observations are available on the latest news pages

Volunteer work parties take place every Tuesday during the winter months. Please see the Work Parties page for the next planned session(s).