Ashlawn Update 23-3-12

We have now virtually completed the work on the Pytchley Marsh and will be diverting our attention to tidying up other areas in the cutting.

The frogs have now finished spawning and presumably are heading back home to the gardens nearby.

I think it was a very poor year for spawning as many of the pools they have previously used were dry or encroached by vegetation. My counts indicate less than half the spawn set compared to 2008

The good news was that they have started to use the marsh again where 93 frogs were counted on 2nd March and by 5th there were 30 clumps of spawn.

The greater numbers in nearby Reservoir Pond were good to see but it didn’t make up for the loss of other pools in the cutting.

As the weather has warmed up the overwintering butterflies have emerged from hibernation and Brimstone, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock are on the wing.

To check out what was seen in the Cutting follow our link to Butterfly Conservation –  Warwickshire website & view ‘by location’ Ashlawn North or South s on the recording pages.

You can also add your own sightings here which once vetted will go on to the county database. You can even put in records from other places in Warwickshire including your garden.

Look in the warm sunny spots out of the breeze and near a nectar source such as Pussy Willow, Dandelion & the similar looking Coltsfoot.

Also just flying are the Bee-Flies which look like a bee but have a short proboscis sticking out in front.

We were pleased to get a positive report of Grass Snake seen basking in the cutting on  22nd March.

Violets are also just starting to show, and things will move on fast now if the weather forecast is correct.

Keep your eyes open.