SEWA day out

Guided walk & Litter pick

I had the pleasure of leading a group of 17 down the Cutting at Ashlawn in the bright sunshine on Sunday 6th October. A fabulous group made up mostly of the wonderfully Community minded group from Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh HSS – Rugby branch for their SEWA day. I was also joined by Phil, Cyril and Malcolm from the Rugby Group who added huge value from their knowledge.

Main objective was to collect litter, however I’m delighted to report that the Cutting wasn’t too bad, however under Hillmorton Road bridge provided more than enough for anyone! Lots of discussions during the walk and questions galore about what we do and why, and I believe a great day out was had by all. If any other groups would like a tour then please get in touch, we love to showcase what we do and hopefully attract more volunteers to help with the endless list of tasks.

from Steve Batt, chairman Local Group