Ashlawn in Winter

Recent pictures from Ashlawn and comments all from Phil Parr.

646 and 647, show the pit adjacent to the cutting next to the new the crematorium nearing completion.

648 The crematorium nearing completion sits quite low in the landscape, so once trees to be planted establish it should not dominate the landscape.

652, South of Ashlawn Bridge, our key man.

655 Old Station Platform grassland,

656, 7, 8, 9, 662 on the new Healthy Living Walk

Here on a lovey sunny morning I felt I was in deep countryside, not near the heart of the town. Small finches & tits flitted around bushes and seed heads looking for snacks while keeping in contact with gentle mellow birdsong – Enchanting.

The gentle sunshine and autumn colours gave opportunities for photography.

Some of the plants we put in as plugs or seed in the spring have taken well, seed from some now dropping to provide a display next year. Coltsfoot has established well and the yellow dandelion like flowers will provide one of the first  colour and nectar of the spring drawing in early Brimstone and Peacock butterflies from hibernation.

663, & 667 Pytchley Marsh,

The golden colours on the trees contrasted with the dark colours of damp branches and trunks, and with the vibrant greens of the lush growth on the marsh.

668 Pytchley Bridge grassland