Magical escape

Ashlawn update, by Phil Parr 

Only birds seen in my garden for weeks are a Dunnock, a Blackbird, and a Robin, yet I am only 200 yards from the Cutting.

Maybe I now know the reason why.

On a windy drizzly day with occasional glimpse of sun the cutting was sheltered and teaming with small birds hunting around the scrub and brambles, seemingly finding plenty of food – Goldfinch’s, Bulfinch’s, Chaffinches’, Blue Tits, Great Tits, and many more I couldn’t identify as they scattered on my approach.   A Treecreeper scurried up the trunk of a large Ash and a Green Woodpecker was disturbed from its excavations into an ant hill.

I spotted a last Red Campion bloom below Ashlawn Bridge and the sun briefly appeared as I walked back.

The walk had turned into a magical experience despite the weather.

This lovely escape from the rush and pressures of modern life is on our doorstep, stretching towards the heart of Rugby, and has such diverse habitats as grasslands, scrub, and woodland largely due to the continued efforts of the small band of local volunteers with the Rugby Group of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

Other Rugby groups work to maintain Cock Robin Wood, Swift Valley Park, and other wildlife spots in the town.

May I thank all our volunteers for their help and wish them a Happy New Year, and encourage others to come and chat and see what we do.

See Work Party dates on this site.