Ashlawn Update 10th Feb 15

Report & pictures from Phil,

A frosty first day of the month saw six hearty souls from our Rugby Group down towards the south end of the reserve trimming and laying hedges. The hedges act as windbreaks for the breezes that power up the Rainsbrook Valley and we keep the them low to avoid shading. They make good cover for smaller birds to nest in.

On the fourth day of the month it seemed even colder when we were joined by the Wildlife Trusts Nature-Force group to coppice willows in Pytchley Marsh at the north end.

Whose idea was this? We weren’t sure if we would be paddling or skating.

Think we are all slightly mad but we all enjoyed our day as can be seen from the pictures.

As ever we are most grateful for the Trusts Nature-Force groups input as we would really struggle to manage this large reserve without their help.

Thanks everyone.

Phil Parr, Rugby Group Conservation Officer (Voluntary)