Ashlawn Update 7-3-15

Frogs spawning, pictures & report by Phil Parr

Steve Batt spotted the first pair of frogs mating on a warm 23rd February but then the weather returned cold with frosts, so nothing was seen until Sarah Parr spotted a few on 2nd March mating in the path flood pool by Ashlawn Bridge and good numbers at Reservoir Pond behind the marsh. A few more had appeared by the 5th despite some overnight frosts and the water temperature being only about six degrees Centigrade.

Then weather suddenly turned warm on 7th March and numbers increase quite dramatically.

It was pleasing to see good numbers in our recently cleared marsh where I counted over 150 frogs and over 100 clumps of spawn.

Reservoir Pond had over 300 frogs and 120 clumps of spawn.

The frogs will only be here for a day or two so if you wish to see them you need to look very soon.

 Please do not transfer spawn or frogs between ponds and pools as it may spread any disease present, and alien water plants from garden ponds are causing serious environmental damage to pools on the reserve by out competing native plants and forming dense mats excluding light to below.

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