Newton Picnic Site, Grant available

Please vote for our village project in Aviva Community Fund grant scheme.

Aviva is making funds available for ‘worthwile causes’ but, as with most things these days,  it is  being done on an online voted for system.

We have a Nature reserve/picnic site in the village which had become  overgrown and a bit sad.  A small team of volunteers from the village, The Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and Butterfly Conservation Rugby have cleared dense hawthorn growth, brambles and nettles, which has opened up the site, but now we need some ‘mechanised muscle’ and wood planking to put a path in partway up the hillside.  We also need to scoop out what were some ponds (now a silted up boggy patch) and make them a suitable habitat for various amphibians.  If we can be successful and get the grant we have applied for it will make a real difference.

You may already be considering voting for projects on this scheme but even a couple of your votes (you have ten) would help us considerably.

If you are willing to help go onto:-   and register (sorry, but they insist on it)

when you get your email back go to:- to vote

Many thanks, please pass on to others to help.