Hedgehog info. in the Park

The Trusts hedgehog officers Simon & Debbie will be in Caldicote Park on Saturday May 7th (10am – 2pm) to promote interest about the plight of the hedgehog in our gardens and what people can do to help to try to stop the decline!

They will have a table near the bandstand and would love support to help engage with lots of people, and hand out information on how good hedgehogs are for the garden, the right sort of food to provide to attract them, and how to make a hedgehog house.

Hedgehogs need holes about 13cm x 13cm (5 inches) in the bottom of fences to neighbouring gardens, open spaces or verges to get into your garden and help them explore the district.

Hedgehog by Shiro


Sarah’s painting. She will be at the table. See her video of hedgehogs out now in her Rugby garden