A Very Welcome First Sighting at Ashlawn

I have copied Steve Wright’s email directly into this post. All can read his excitement!

I’m delighted to report that our work at Ashlawn has resulted in the appearance of a new species.As if finding my first Common blue of the year on our grasslands and then a newly minted Brown Argus,both good butterflies to have on the grasslands today I saw a Dingy Skipper. With the Silver Washed Fritillary success and existing invertebrate list this puts us in the big league! A credit to all the hard work and and a real contribution to the conservation of this the species threatened as it is by habitat loss and fragmentation. Officially classified in UK as “Vulnerable” species. Recently long term declines in abundance and distribution have taken a turn for the better  due to conservation efforts focused on maintaining and connecting habitats. Ashlawn is part of that plan.Best Wishes and congratulations to all.Steve

Let’s hope the volunteers can get back into active management of the reserve very soon, to keep up the good work that has resulted in this success.

The pictures of the star sightings :