Ashlawn Meadows come alive!

The grasslands from the station platform looking south are coming into full bloom, aided by the favourable weather of late, bringing that wanted mix of sunshine and rain.

A star section of the reserve is Tennis Meadow. This is the ground immediately behind the tennis courts. Many of the pictures in this presentation were taken around there. It is now a spectacle of flowers, grasses and the invertebrates that depend on this habitat.

In the adjacent Healthy Living Walk, we have found the Pyramidal Orchid for the first time. A harebell has also been observed. The harebell was present elsewhere, but lost by being completed shaded out.

This year has been spectacular for the volume of Oxeye Daisy that is in flower, The pictures of the sloping sides of the cutting show them off. It’s much better to take a walk along the central pathway to view the grasslands at their best.

Enjoy the picture show!

Some of the flowers and invertebrates are best seen when you get down on your hands and knees, just as the photographer has done!