Newbold Quarry 2022 Autumn Update

Management work for nature conservation resumed on 4th October and will continue through to the spring of next year

The work so far has concentrated on two main areas:
– Grassland cutting
– Opening up an aeriel corridor from Gun Hill across to the Plateau.

The grass cutting and clearance of the cut material permits the wildflowers that exist to flower in the spring and summer, providing both a visual feast and a much needed nectar source for invertebrates.

The reduction of scrub and trees in the region of Gun Hill provides a benefit to both wildlife and the visiting public. The more open view gives a line of sight for flying wildlife to find a way across the inlet to the plateau and open grasslands. It also means that the public enjoy an open vista.

There are several aerial videos of the quarry available on YouTube. Here is a link to a recent production.