Great progress

The volunteer work group has made excellent progress in the first half of the maintenance season, working on two main fronts.

  • Cutting and raking off of the existing grasslands, to provide the best environment for the native wild flowers and grasses
  • Reducing scrub encroachment on the areas adjacent to the maintained grasslands
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February 2020 Update

We have spend the last few sessions on clearing the scrub growth from Gun Hill Bank. This area had been cleared many years ago, but the scrub came back when active management was not continued. The aim is to now clear and keep clear, so that this section will be part of the open grassland corridor within the reserve. In time, we should see a restoration of beneficial wild flowers and grasses.

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Making Progress

There are work parties every Tuesday at the quarry. The main focus is on controlling scrub in the open areas. The work has continued on opening out the glade adjacent to the playing field. Also, work is now progressing on the slopes of the quarry to control the unwanted cotoneaster and pyracantha to permit the native plants to hopefully prosper!

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